Free Chick-fil-A

And other special moments that make life grand

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free chick-fil-a

Gonna go ahead and apologize for the clickbait right off the bat. I hate clickbait and I imagine you might too, so I'm sorry about that. It was just too juicy of a title not to go for it. I mean, you at least got a little excited right?

That excitement is what I felt last week. Let me break it down for you.

I'm usually the one in my household that cooks dinner. Yes, I'm a dude but I happen to love cooking so I normally don't mind it at all. It's honestly a stress-relieving activity for me — almost like a weird eyes-open, active-type meditation. After doing a bunch of mentally taxing work during the day it's a great way to unwind. Plus it's 2022, so get with the program. It's just a great skill for anyone to have.

Anyway, last week on Thursday I didn't feel like cooking. Even though I only had to muster dinner for 2 (as opposed to the usual 4), I just wasn't feeling it. So the gf and I kicked around a few ideas, eventually settling on Chick-fil-A. No complaints here.

Upon opening up the Chick-fil-A app, we realized we had enough points to get an entire meal for 2 (plus a little extra) for free. Fo' FREE.


It was a glorious day. You can imagine how excited I was to:

a. Not have to cook

b. Get delicious fried chicken + waffle fries for free

On the drive out to pick up our order, I thought about the serendipity of the moment and how awesome surprise, free Chick-fil-A day felt. It was such a small thing but the timing gave it a huge positive impact. That got me thinking about all sorts of other "pop-up" things that happen that immediately make your day awesome.

  • Free Chick-fil-A

  • Free coffee from Starbucks

  • Catching all the greenlights on your way home

  • Redeeming your Chase Freedom card points for a free purchase

That actually reminds me of an experience just a couple of months ago when I was in the drive-thru lane at Starbucks. The lady taking my order asked, "Hey, would you be interested in playing a fun game with your order?"

"Uh, heck yeah!" is what I said.

She then proceeded to tell me that if I could guess what color she was thinking of, I would get my order for free. So I guessed pink because — real big right in front of me — on the drive-thru menu was the pink dragon drink.

"Ooh, no sorry. It was green. You know, because we're STARBUCKS. But you can have your order for free anyway just for being a good sport."

I felt like an idiot, but that's the story of how I got two free coffees while on the way to the hospital the night before my son was born.

Those "free Chick-fil-A" day moments are special and make life pretty great. Definitely looking forward to my next one, whenever that might be.



P.S. I still felt bad about the clickbait, so I'll venmo $10 to the first two people to reply to this email IF they promise to buy themselves Chick-fil-A with it. We're going to use the honor system, so...if you don't get Chick-fil-A that's on your conscious forever.